Fragrant garbage bags

They can be produced with partially recycled material or from completely recycled material.



Nositelj AAA certifikata

AAA certifikat

Dobitnik Zlatne kune za 2014. i 2016. godinu.

Zlatna kuna Zlatna kuna
25.01.2024. Projects
Project "Green transition of Optiplast d.o.o." will be implemented for 24 months with the aim of expanding production capacity and developing more energy-efficient operations.
12.07.2023. Projects
The project "Smart factory for the production of plastic packaging Optiplast Ltd." will be carried out with the aim of digital transformation and reorganization of the entire business of Optiplast Ltd.
20.06.2017. News
From 01.07.2017 look for our products from the Optiline line on shelves and commercial stands in Spar and Interspar stores.
22.03.2017. News
The construction of the Hall P+1 and canopies, at cadastre plot 91 (through new measurement castastre plot 1014) in the Cadastre Municipality Odra Sisak, where works will consist of: preparation of preliminary construction works, execution of construction works, final design and testing of the functionality and durability of the building.
21.09.2016. News
The Croatian Chamber of Commerce for the Sisak County has today presented the plaque "Golden Kuna" to the best companies in 2014 from the Sisak-Moslavina County area.


Optiplast Ltd. is a family company that has been processing polymer materials (PELD, PELLD and PEHD) for over 25 years, including the production of various foils and confectionery packaging.
The company started as a DDO business, which was founded in 1989, and since 2006, Optiplast Ltd. has been independently acting as a legal entity.